Wednesday, April 29, 2009

6 years

Yesterday was George's 6th anniversary since he passed away.

I still miss him like crazy. I think I miss him the most when the vicissitudes of life start to hit all at once...that's when I could really use his advice and guidance. He was always there for me growing up and always seemed to make sense of things when they weren't going right. And he was there to celebrate and enjoy the moments of peace and tranquility.

I wrote this for him shortly after he passed away. I was with him when he passed and it's something that's marked me, not scarred me for life. It's taught me a lot about life and it's strengthened my testimony that it's not the end. I know we'll see our loved ones again one day through the blessings of the gospel of jesus Christ.

A New Light

by Joyce Kuklis

I just wish your pain would stop,
and death would heal your wounds.
You've lived your life to it's fullest,
and seen hundreds of blue moons.

All my life you were the one,
Who kissed my skinned knees.
Now I wait for the gentle breeze to blow,
For you to whisper to me through the trees.

Every day I look at you,
and see the pain in your eyes.
You dont have to say a single word,
I can feel all your cries.

I hear the struggle in every breath,
when I'm there with you.
It burns a hole right through my heart,
because reality is becoming true.

I know that soon you will be gone,
I see your light is fading.
But a new one is lighting up,
As the other one is cascading.

No goodbyes will be said,
Because I'll see you again someday,
You've just told me to spread your ashes,
By the calm, magestic bay.

No longer will you be at my side,
But you'll be with the others,
Waiting for the day my time will come,
Rejoicing with your brothers.

You cant speak a single word,
But I know that you love me,
So now I have to show my love,
now I have to let you be free.

R.I.P. Lt. Charles G. Donoho 10.31.1913-4.28.03


Brensters said...

I remember you telling me about George. The poem is beautiful! I know how it is to miss someone and to wish they were there when life gets ruff! I know we have been though a lot in our friendship and just know I am always here for you :)