Sunday, May 2, 2010

happines has a bitter after-taste.

today is the day i feel the pain,
caused by the storm that poured all this rain,
you've bruised my heart and killed my soul,
my emotions have lost control.
i thought i'd never have to feel this once more,
but your silence spoke the words that tore.
i'm trying to find the will to live.
because never again my heart can i give.
i know somehow the sun will soon rise,
despite the decietful words, your lies.
You painted me picture of a colorful future,
just moments before you ripped out the last suture.
i tried to have faith in you despite being young,
but i guess our ship has sailed, our song has been sung.
i'll try to forget your arms, so warm and secure.
and try to find out how my soul i can cure.
I'll try to forget the way we would kiss.
and the way the your lips felt on mine, like bliss.
i'll try to forget the way you looked into my eyes,
and remember why its love i despise.
i'll try to forget all the sweet words you said,
and then at last i'll get you out of my head.