Thursday, December 3, 2009

50mm, onion rings, and all things fabulous!

I ordered my first 50mm lens on yesterday! It's due to arrive via UPS tomorrow just in time for my shoot with Miss. Jeni Perez! WOOT! I ordered the cheapest canon lens ever made but it takes great pics. It's not the 50mm 1.2 I salivate over every time I think of, it's the 1.8 and about 1/16th of the price at about 100 bucks. The lens is pretty much disposable haha but for someone who is just starting out and doesn't know exactly what the HECK they're doing the price is just perfect. Plus I dig the super wide aperture of 1.8. My current lens only goes to 3.5 and that drives me up the wall when I'm trying to shoot in low light.

More current news...I've booked about 4 shoots this month. I'm starting to take photography a lot more seriously. It's pretty much all I think about right now. It's not like I have anything else to think about at the moment. No guys. No school. So i figured i might as well try to do productive things with my thoughts and energy. Not to mention, I've has insane episodes of insomnia. Sometimes I'm up all night and it makes it worse if I lay awake in bed all night so I just read up on stuff I'm curious about. Sometimes I stay up and blogstalk the fabulous blogs of Scarlett Lillian, Melissa Koehler, Amy Wenzel, and Jasmine Star. Jasmine and Scarlett are probably two of my favorites because they're so down to earth and not afraid to share their spirituality on their blogs. They keep it real, f'sho. Plus they both have FAQ on their blogs that I find to be very helpful. They know what it's like to be aspiring photographers in the industry and have a boat load of silly questions and no one to ask. I better start saving my pennies so I can take some of their workshops!

Hm what else? I'm probably not going to blog on this blog anymore. I'm going to start a new photography blog and it's basically going to be my all-purpose blog. Not that a blog a lot here anymore anyway.

I went to lunch with my dad at Island's yesterday. So delicious but most of all SO MUCH FUN. I'm such a Daddy's girl. I love to go to lunch with him. He's such a good ball and I've inherited that trait from him. Here's a couple pics from my Blackberry because let's face blog is complete without a picture or two!

This is my favorite picture of my dad EVER! I think it captures his personality with accuracy! :) and yes he's my DAD not my GRANDPA haha.
Goodbye blog friends! <3>
P.S. In less that 24 hours I'll be opening that fabulous box with my new photo gear. It'll be like an early christmas!