Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've found the courage to face the day,
because sometimes problems are here to stay.
No matter what damage the strife will cause,
You must learn to take a moment, and just pause.
Time for you, no time for me.
I never realised how important selfishness could be.
Kill the guilt, have no remorse.
All we do is work like a horse.
we carry these problems like a pack mule going to and fro,
It leaves us no time to learn or to grow.
Control is something that as humans we cannot always hold,
Yet we try to force everything we want,
We try to make it fit our own mold.
The tension we cause with this relentless pushing and shoving,
Could cease if we stopped, and started being more loving.
I know it seems like I'm nosy at times,
I don't mean to constantly pry,
But what else can I do when I see a loved one cry?
I'll lend you my sleeve when there aren't any tissues,
Because I sure as hell know what it's like to have issues.
So if you feel like you're lacking a friend,
Just remember, I know it's cheesy but I'm here until the end.
I can't fix anything in this world,
I can't make everything right,
But for now I can listen and understand you,
Just take it night by night.
In due time most things won't seem to matter,
We'll laugh about our past woes and won't care so much if we're a little fatter.
So for now my dear friends, just open your hands,
Let go of that need to control,
It'll loosen the bands.
You'll feel the air gently fill your lungs as the heaviness is lifted,
I know you can do it, you're my friend, you're gifted.
The blue sky will shine through the darkest gray,
You'll be able to take life on come what may.